Concept of social control

The term 'social control' broadly refers to maintaining order and stability in society. It can be used in a limited sense of designation of the various specialized techniques used to maintain order, such as codes, courts and police officers. In the most basic terms, "social control" refers to the ability of a society to control itself according to the desired rules and values. It is also used to categorize social institutions and their relationships with each other to the extent that they contribute to the stability of society, religious, political institutions etc. Social control is one of the most fundamental topics of sociological discussion. It appears in all discussions about nature and causes of both stability and change. "Social control is the art of combining social forces to give society at least one trend towards a perfect". Social control has served and continues to serve as shorthand for a complex set of views and perspectives.

Definition and Requirements
Some definitions focus on the "order" aspect of social control. Social control the way in which the whole social orders are consistently connected and maintain by itself. Others look at social control as a way in which society builds up and maintains order.
Another set of definitions implies the aspect of complying with the norms and expectations of the group as the most important element in social management. The emphasis is on all the ways and processes in which a group or society guarantees that the member meets his expectations. In other words, social control refers to the methods that a society uses to change the way neighborhood members go back to the line. When we use the term social control, we essentially define processes and methods that limit deviations from social norms.
In every human society, there are deviations from accepted standards of society or group. This movement away from the accepted social norms called social deviance. Any organization or group expectation and aims to ensure the compliance of its members to ensure that the standard are performed accurately. The members of an organization or a group called conformists to the rules and norms of society (or group), while those who do not are called non-conformists. A society or group has a number of formal and informal mechanisms to reach agreement. Individuals can not act in accordance with the specified value of the group. Therefore, violation of norms and values ​​that differ from the default values ​​are common.
Social control is simply defined as all the mechanisms and processes employed by the company to ensure compliance. In other words, social control is no cultural or social resources to restrictions on individual behavior and what the people began to be accepted by society to follow the traditions and behavior. This is just one way in which rewarded conformists and non-conformists punished.