Human Biological Bases of Socialization

From the animal kingdom, humans are the only ones capable of socialization because they are endowed with the necessary biological principles that are lacking in other animals. The following are the main biological characteristics of humans are based on socialization: Lack of instincts, social contact requires a longer period of childhood dependency, the ability to learn and language.
Lack of Instincts: The word "instinct", in its current social science usage refers to the complex patterns of behavior for which some animal species program as organic. For example, nest-building among birds is unclear. But people do not have the same behavior attached organic, even though they were built many physiological reflexes. Human biological drives or impulses, such as hunger, thirst, sex, etc, rather than instincts. This lack of instincts makes people dependent on social direction and their behavior is amenable to this direction. The open-endedness of man is the biological basis of social conformity.
Contact Social Needs: People to persistent social contact. Studies conducted on primates and human infants have shown that a lack of stimulation to inhibit contact in infancy and turn to learn the development of higher functionality. Satisfaction of social contacts and initiations needs of the people is a strong biological imperative.
Longer duration of Childhood Dependency: The third biological condition that makes extensive socialization is important for the people, is the child of someone much longer period of physical dependence and sexual immaturity than the other animals. The need for Community Space strategy and skills acquisition further extends dependency. Such a long period of dependency, where the children are cared for and controlled by others, resulting in an extreme emotional dependence that continues throughout life.
Learning capacity: A high level of intelligence is an innate human biological potential. So, people are highly educable; they may be more than other animals can also get more information over a longer period.
Language: the ability of people to learn is a characteristic of his capacity for language. Other animals may have some degree of intelligence, but only the people have excuses because they language. Expressive language and arouses emotions; Brings feelings, values ​​and knowledge. Or as a vehicle for knowledge or attitude, language is the most important factor in the development of human society. Symbolic communication, which is possessed only by humans, makes language possible. The natural man has the potential and ability to create culture and to be guided by cultural and social norms. In the midst of all these is language.