Importance of Curriculum Development

“Curriculum is everything that goes on with in the school, including extra classes, activities, guidance and inter personal relationships between student and teacher.”
Here are some importance of curriculum:
1- Achievement of Educational Aims
Suitable curriculum helps in achieving the aims of education systematically.
2- Criteria of Suitable Teacher’s/Competency Criteria
Curriculum reflects the type of teacher needed in schools. It shows the requirements and type of work to be done by the teachers.
3- Criteria for the Selection of Suitable Methods
“How to teach” is determined by “What to teach” i.e. the curriculum.
4- Creativity and Inventions
Suitable curriculum creates creativity morality which encourages discoveries, research and inventions. Thus we can say that curriculum acts as a vital in organizing all the activities and is the heart of the school.
5- Development of Character
Character of the youth can be developed through suitable curriculum which is the aim of every educational system.
6- Development of Citizenship
Suitable curriculum is helpful in developing citizenship which is a major responsibility of education.
7- Development of Balanced Personality
Suitable curriculum is helpful in developing physical, mental, social, cultural, moral, spiritual, religious and vocational abilities of the students. So a complete and balanced personality may be developed.
8- Development of Democratic Values
Curriculum helps in developing democratic values such as liberty, equality, justice and respect for dignity of the individual and group living.
9- Fixing Limits of Teaching and Learning
It helps in determining the work of teacher as well as the pupil.
10- Helpful in Acquisition of Knowledge
By studying the various subjects laid down in the curriculum, the students get knowledge with their abilities, interests and intelligence.
11- Reflects Trends in Education
Educational aims are changed due to changing social requirements. Hence curriculum reflects the trends in education and changes in philosophy. Modern education has following demands:
(a)- Provision of suitable knowledge to achieve the aims of education.
(b)- Provision of suitable activities and experiences according to social requirements.
12- Satisfaction of Needs
There is a great variety of students, needs, interests, skills, abilities, attitudes, aptitudes and requirements educational, vocational and psychological needs of the students can be satisfied through curriculum.


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