Interpretation of One Way ANOVA

“A statistical tool that makes simultaneous comparisons between two or more sources. It is a statistical method that generates values that can be tested to determine if there is a significant relationship between the variables”.  A way to learn differences allows us to compare a number of observations, all of which are independent, but may have different meanings for each group. An important test is whether all means are equal or not.
One way ANOVA was conducted to calculate relationship among between groups and within groups. In this between group is independent variable and within group is dependent variable. A One-way ANOVA was conducted to compare effective relationship of [effect (IV)] on the (DV).”

The table shows the comparison of between groups and within groups.This result shows that there was significant difference among between groups and within groups 
F(3 , 346) = 3.827 , p = .010 < 0.05.   The result shows that there was a significant difference among group mean.