Social Work

The definition of social action, it was pointed out that must be performed on every social action efforts in the context of social philosophy and social work. The concept of social work, here it is worth meaning. The justification for social work is that the complexities of modern life makes it difficult for individuals to its best potential, and builds social workers in their role as intermediaries, are increasingly relying on to help people suffering from frequent social problems.
Social work is usually branch of the Ministry of Human Services of a government. It serves as a association linking government clients and other public funds, such as: training by personnel, staff, subsistence payments, financial assistance, legal consultation in dealing with legal problems, food and water relief during droughts, hunger and war, etc.
As a social worker you are also working with medical professionals to provide customers with medical care; there are school workers to identify children who need help, and there are counselors and psychologists who provide psychological counseling. The main concern of this training / assistance in the transformation of personality structure of people and social structure and social system that again is not clearly visible here. Because of the growing profession there is a lot of confusion regarding certain circumstances that are used when teaching in classrooms, doing social work research and professional training for people who need society.
 Now the problems of individuals and families are often complicated and require assistance from many agencies. Social activity offers essential social services Individuals and families who need help are their focus and are called clients. As social workers, our goal is to help clients live a productive life in their own communities. To achieve this goal, we often assist with the help of relatives, family members, local religious leaders, tribal and higher leaders and other influential members of the community. Although institutionalization is sometimes required, it is a temporary solution. The goal is to help clients return to normal life in a natural environment.
Social work is a professional discipline (in the context of social programs and services), designed to help people improve their quality of life and social relationships. The main concerns and goals of social work are as follows:
·         Services to individuals performing their different roles and relationships;
·         To provide assistance to individuals, groups or communities where they faced difficulties in making use of their abilities;
·         Avoiding negative factors affecting development;
·         To release the potential of individuals, groups or communities and to show the way to take advantage of the resources and opportunities; and
·        Developing the ability to manage their lives.