Students’ behavior problems during learning

There are reasons why students act in a problem manner. Therefore, identifying why they are doing the key to finding solutions to problems caused by behavior. This assessment should consider the behavior problem of learner during classroom and context in which it occurs.
Student behavior is always a concern for teachers, because inappropriate behavior often interfere with academic studies behavior problems can lead to difficulties in learning, because students opposing, fighting or leaving often do not focus their learning energy. On the other hand, learning difficulties can lead to behavioral problems, because students with academic problems can speak or retire to deal with feelings of inadequacy. The best way to help students change behavior is to discuss the problem directly and involve the individual in finding solutions. Creating a positive climate in the classroom can help to establish the appropriate behavior of the student Over the years, educators find that the following activities can reduce the behavior of the classroom’s behavior Terms:
·         Environmental factors can contribute to the problem. Students can respond negatively to noise, heat, cold or aggression in their space. Some students, especially students with autistic spectrum disorders, may be more sensitive to some stimuli, such as noise, and may therefore respond by exhibiting problem in behavior.
·         Focusing attention is often recognized as the cause of behavioral change. It asks why the student should look this way. Some students may not be able to handle a particular activity and may be frustrated or disappointed. But considerate behavior can also be a learned behavior that has been effective in ensuring that students get what they want. Even negative attention can be motivating for some students, especially if they think it's just the attention they get.
·         Factors related to socio-economic disadvantages also affect the spread of behavioral change. Difficult social and language development skills coupled with poor parenting skills can lead to a c behavioral change. This behavior can be used as a procedure for the environmental safety of the student.
·         Students with communication difficulties may show a chat behavior. If a student cannot express needs or requests because of lack of understanding or ability to use a language, inappropriate behavior can be used to express needs. In such cases, student learning to find acceptable ways to express his or her needs can be part of the solution. Intensive and early intervention of a speech and language therapist will be useful for such students.
·         Lastly, change behavior may have a medical cause or reason, such as illness, pain or sensory problems. Some forms of behavioral change are mainly related to certain circumstances and disabilities, such as repeated and unknown body movements and irreversible noise or ritualistic or obsessive behavior. This may cause damage the learning abilities of student.