Ways of Social Work

The rules of social work aimed at the ways, means and methods of social workers and social work agencies to carry out their activities. This is the way social work. The most effective and well known ways of social work are:
1. Working with individuals
This ways of social work is called casework. Here the individual is taken as a case. The principle here is to work not for individuals. The goal is to deal with a person in a social situation where strainful overcome the problem .Before handling the case, the following points should be considered:
• The scientific knowledge of human behavior and relationships,
• Knowledge of theories about helping people,
• Types of problems individuals face,
• Why are people in social situations and strainful
• The role of social forces and the environment on the individual.
2. Teamwork
Working with the group called teamwork. This is the way sponsorship and working with the voluntary social groups such as family, clubs and gangs to develop socially desirable goals .The focus is on the treatment of the individual. Unlike casework, group work focuses on the relationship of the individual to the group and social development of the group itself. The goal is to provide individuals satisfying experience through group relationships and finally to him / her in his / her contribution to the life of society. Considering that it is not only the economic needs of the individual, but other aspects such as affection, security, reception, and other emotional and psychosocial needs of the individual. Some of the principles of group work include:
• A group of employees should be able to provide their client systems;
• The use of scientific methods like observation, analysis and fact-finding is important;
• Creating an objective relationship between the agent and group work group;
• Conscious use of self, including self-knowledge, self-discipline, and others, related to the client system; and
• Acceptance of people without having to accept their behavior.
 3. Working with Communities
The way social work called community organizations. It involves the process of creating and maintaining a progressive and effective alignment between community resources and needs of the community welfare. The goal is to make adjustments between the two, which is possible through the use of professional workers on the one hand, and individuals and groups in society on the other. The most appropriate method of social work is the community organization with respect to the problems of developing countries. On the other hand, the group is better suited to problems in developed societies. This is because most social pathologies in industrialized societies, individuals and groups.