Microsoft Word program features

Word processing software creates a generation of documents and excellent management. The current word processing software is available with a large number of functions that takes grinding from traditional document creation and manipulation. Word processors are great. The text is entered into an electronic document with a keyboard. The inserted text is displayed on the screen as it is typed. The user can easily format the text. Font formatting, paragraph formatting, page setup, page numbering, inserting symbols, images and so on is some of the other essential features of word processors.
The word processing software offers a variety of functions and commands that allow users to create attractive business documents in a simple and efficient way. This section gives a short description of the many important functions that can be found in most word processing programs. Some of the important features of word processing software are: 
·         Allows you to print the selected text 
·         Allows you to change the font and font size 
·         Allows you to adjust page size and margins
·         The ability to justify the selected text in the document, justify and justify the links
 ·         Adjustable line spacing and character spacing
·         Layered notch facility
·         Ability to add bulletins and numbers to guidelines or paragraphs, etc.
·         Ability to transfer text within the document
·         Ability to specify headers and footers in a document
·         Create multiple column documents
·         Index a document
·         Preparing the contents
·         Ability to check spelling and grammar
·         Select the most appropriate word using the built-in thesaurus