Early Challenges of child schooling

After home study, the story became the first school of the child. A private school, supported by charitable donations. The business model of the school is such that in the basic lessons in English lessons the prices are higher and decrease as you progress to secondary school. In the main school of specialized schools in Urdu costs are not noticed. Here we discuss the business model of the school since these days with technological assistance, we can adjust these models. Enables us to create educational opportunities for the underprivileged. Every child is confronted with educational challenges, using the Urdu handwriting. When comparing English, where writing represents the current phonetic placement of the alphabets, Urdu is a more complex proposition. Besides the correct correspondence of the alphabet, the placing of accents, which indicates the correct pronunciation, proves difficult for me to understand. In addition, some knowledge of Arabic and other source languages ​​is also required. For example, when he wrote the name of a prophet, he followed his peace. It is written in Arabic and Arabic style. Things came to the head of the third standard, when the teacher was called the mother of the mother and told her that things could not continue in this way. Seeing the difficulty of the child that the mother told her that you had learned the right words and then went along with them, would not be a problem. Likewise, for the Arabian honor, he said that he should use an abbreviation instead of the whole sentence. The child is difficult to move forward.
In our daily analysis, teachers have sufficient time to pay individual attention to each student and to assess daily assessments. Teachers are motivated and the student structure is small enough to give individual attention. If this is not the case, they will view alternative interviews and technologies that can communicate with the students and give them the necessary attention.
Finally it is time to review Urdu manuscripts. At the end of my paper, the boy replaced the role of classmate and, apart from his beautiful handwriting, he noticed that he used Arabic in the sense with all the appropriate accents. That was the last possible hay and they ripped our exam form and left. He did not forget the incident. It happened that they traveled by bus and recognized the same person; which they immediately recognized and remembered his name after forty years of marriage. He was very surprised and without a memory.
Two lessons were learned from this story, the strength of association and the need for a specific subject and how to improve the study. We only remember the things that we are directly dealing with and that will probably be forgotten by others. If we keep all our previous experiences, we will lose them. We will discuss how we can join the student and make a study that will continue to exist. In a similar way, we need to consider how our technology can help us to study topics like writing.