Educational Research

Educational research refers to the systematic collection and analysis of data related to education. Research can include various methods. Research may include various aspects of education, including student learning, teaching methods, teacher training and classroom dynamics. Educational researchers generally agree that research should be strict and systematic. However, there are fewer agreements on specific standards, standards and investigative procedures. Educational researchers can draw from different disciplines. These disciplines include psychology, sociology, anthropology and philosophy. Methods can be obtained from different disciplines. Educational research is the academic field that conducts research on learning and learning processes and human traits, engagements, organizations and institutions shaping educational outcomes. Field science tries to illustrate, understand and explain how learning in a person's life takes place and how the formal and informal context of education influences all forms of learning. Educational research covers the entire spectrum of rigorous procedures that suit the questions being given and also stimulates the development of new tools and techniques.
Educational research is indicated when research activities focus on problems with educational problems or improving education and learning. Educational research is "the way in which a person can obtain reliable and useful information about education". The other side of educational research is "an activity that is taught in the development of an organized amount of scientific knowledge about the circumstances in which educators are involved". The concepts of educational research include: reliability of information and nature of science; and the fact that the topic of the research should be of importance to educators. Educational research as activities or processes that make it possible to systematically test and / or obtain information, data or knowledge about education / learning or circumstances that influence teaching and learning. This means that educational research is a systematic attempt to identify and investigate people who have problems with teaching and learning. It can take place inside or outside the school environment. It can take place at different educational levels, such as the level of early childhood, primary, secondary or tertiary level. You will again notice that, the implication of this definition, educational research uses scientific methods to learn how education and learning can be improved, conditions in which knowledge can be assessed and applied. Verified and the conditions where this should happen.
In his own definition, Kerlinger (1964) states that educational research is a systematic, controlled, empirical and critical investigation into hypothetical proposals about the relationship of the inherent phenomenon. The research mainly concerns processes that focus on deliberate changes in human behavior by acquiring knowledge, skills, attitudes, interests and values. Therefore, the goal of educational research is to discover the general principles in which interpretations, predictions, explanations and behavioral control can be based, because educational research is concerned with learning. problems with teaching and learning. This means that any research in this area should contribute to some aspects that are directly or indirectly related to the situation of teaching and learning. That is why the subject chosen for the research must be really educational, a better problem is that the findings are added to the education knowledge base and lead to solutions to a social problem.