Purposes of Educational Research

Education studies are illustrated because the educational process is a very complex and evolving facet that must be carefully and systematically examined, understood and realized in order to achieve goals. When a research is applied research, it can be aimed at improving a product or a production process. This means that it involves testing theoretical concepts in the current situation of the problem in industrial environments. In the field of education it is interesting to recognize that most educational research is applied research because it tries to develop generalizations about educational processes and teaching materials. Educational research goals that relate to the development and testing of how students behave in educational settings. You have seen that research in general is very important for everyone's activities. Educational research has the following purposes:
1. Determine the status of the phenomenon, past and preset;
2. Discover the nature, composition and process that describes educational phenomena;
3. Monitor the growth, change and history of people's development and on issues and matters.
4. To give problem-solving training. This is because research involves problem solving and life itself is full of problems. That is why research knowledge provides training in problem solving;
5. To provide accurate and reliable information that can be very useful in promoting the course of educational theories and practices;
6. Studies of educational programs, activities, skills, resources and methods of teaching;
7. Provide training in understanding the intricacies and technical details needed to deal with research problems in particular and general problems.
8. To provide objective evidence to improve school education;
9. To combat legends that surrounds certain skills and principles of education;
10. To change beliefs that practitioners and educational products and consumers of educational products recognize, and
11. Help place the work and agents of the school in a more stable place for consumer education.