Rapidly Changing Technologies

Technology is about our present life. Smartphones, tablets and computers - we really can not work without them. In a short time, technology has exploded in the market and now many people can not imagine life without it. To understand how Dark Age (which really was not so long ago) left where we are today, it is important to understand how technology is evolving and why it matters. All technologies are born from the goal. For example, search engines have been created to sort out large amounts of data online. With every new upgrade technology, existing technologies are combined to do something better than ever before. And so it goes on. In lightning speed evolutionary technology, it is no wonder that many people have fought to survive. To be fair, the vastness of the technology is such that it's almost impossible to pack everything in a post.
Education is a great place where technology can be used in countless ways. The enormous amount of technological changes over the past decade has been amazing. If we go back to twenty years, it's more wonderful. Example; when we went to university, we did not even have a calculator. Our technology consists of a slide rule. To say that technology has changed in the world in just a few short years is something of a revelation. For example, our personal life affects, for example. In 1990 the internet was a pipe-line - something that largely exists in university campuses and in the army.
In my life only, technological development is reminiscent. Unfortunately, despite this change, education is no longer used - a place where it can be very helpful. We must deal with all current situations and see where technology can play a role in dealing with current shortcomings in the education system. In his book "Out of our minds, we begin with quotes from Ken Robinson:" The current education system is no longer designed to address the challenges we face today; they are developed to meet the needs of an earlier age. Reform is not enough, they need to change. "The reference to the quote about the design of the educational system, meaning that they are conceived, is an interesting individual module to transform each system, we have the following options. Delving into the system and the problem with these too correction, which in our case includes teacher training, student participation, change in teaching art, assessment and so on. However, we need to understand that some the system is quite static and does not maintain the ability to be flexible. This can only be transformed radically by using the right technology. This unfortunately this is the case with the current education system, which can not be solved by patch plugs and cosmetic measures.