Research problem

The research problem is the focus in which all research efforts are focused. Based on each research is a problem that should be established to justify the investigation. You need to design research to find solutions to the problem. This is the goal you should achieve. To research, you need to get started by defining a question that needs an answer, or a need for resolution, or a solicitor seeking a solution that can thrive on a research problem: the heart of the research project. Students beginning with their research and practitioners who want to participate in research often come from different sources and are equipped with different knowledge and experience in their chosen field of study. While most are pretty sure on the topic where they want to research, many are uncertain about the exact problem they want to address. A research problem is a statement about a problem area, an improvement of the situation, a difficulty to be eliminated, or a disturbing question that exists in scientific literature, in theory or in practice, which results in the need for meaningful understanding and research knowledge. In some disciplines of social sciences, research problems are usually given in the form of a question. A research problem does not imply how to do something, offer a vague or broad measure, or show a value question. This is because the problem requires attention. At this point, the question you should bother should be hanging on what constitutes a research problem. A problem occurs when the interaction of two or more factors results in one of three possible problematic results. They are a confusing state, an unpleasant consequence or a conflict where the correct course of action is controversial. To find a problem, a solution, classifying a confusing state, removing undesirable consequences or conflict resolutions can be made. Research problems should be deep in the subject. You need to deal with the difference in skill that differs from one situation to another. As a result, simple studies of a particular individual, company or event are not research because the analysis of data and interpretations to identify the differences in the situation is not part of the process. Comparison is therefore an important feature of research problems.