Sources of Research Problems

Research problems are identified or found, the question can be the theory for you. It is therefore useful to suggest different sources where research problems can be made. These are:
Personal experience
If you are an experienced teacher or have a long experience of learning skills or observing existing educational habits, you will probably have to deal with many problems, imperfections, inconsistencies, puzzles or some spaces. Through your communication with people and equipment in your professional experience, you can find areas where knowledge is lacking and the answers need to be found.
If you have a broad overview of literature, it gives you some research problems. Handbooks, dissertations and dissertations, research reports on journals and educational journals, congressional reports, etc., may cause some research problems or topics for some things. In addition to suggestions for further research available in dissertations and dissertations, you may find inconsistencies, inconsistencies and unobservable findings in some areas of research. You can then take a study to fill the spaces. Additionally, your study can contribute to knowledge through improved methods or adaptations of existing theories.
Expert opinion
Consultation with professionals in a specific field, study specialists, research associations, essay counselors or overseers etc, Will help you identify your problem area. They will help you clarify your thinking to achieve a sense of focus and to be clear and concise in your research theme. It depends on your interest in having an original thoughtful problem. It is not okay to just collect a research theme or copy written project reports from other institutions. Although this is currently for students, it is difficult and / or impedes academic progress.
Government Publications
Usually some government policies, intentions or educational perspectives can be published via whitepapers, headlines, newspapers, newsletters or via radio and television or even circulars. Research themes can work in response to a government that has identified problems. Such studies can focus on researching existing educational programs.
Internet resources
Nowadays, the study of electronic learning in which people learn by entering into the library which is a part of the world to obtain up-to-date information in every field, including education. You can use the opportunity via the internet to get up-to-date research results or reports in every area of interest. You can find different ways to solve the same problems that you have and you can apply these methods to your own situation.
Innovative and Technological Changes
These are many changes and modifications, especially when using information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. Such concepts such as e-learning, m-learning, e-business, e-government, e-commerce, computer assisted instruction (CAI), CBT- computer based training and conferencing can be investigated determine their impact, effectiveness, our situation. An assessment of such educational strategies such as self-evaluation, co-operative study, team study, co-group competition, vertical and / or horizontal studies, etc. Subjects may be explored.
General problems with education
You notice that there are many general problems with education and education in Nigeria and many other developing countries. These educational problems can be reduced to creating a specific educational problem that you can effectively deal with.
Replication or repetition of a previous study found in literature search will contribute to increasing the overall and correctness of the findings. Replication can be made using different geographical contexts, different topics, different levels, different time periods, different methods or different instruments.
Theories are expressed to explain the phenomena, events or situations. They explain the general principles that require research or educational situations. Theories are a healthy source of research problems. This is because of the theory, relationships with variables can be predicted, tested and determined.