Provide the updated XP life cycle after introducing ETVX pattern.

Updated XP life cycle after introducing ETVX (Entry criteria, Tasks, Verification & Validation, Exit criteria) used to development their process. During the verification check if an activity fails, the remedial actions are taken or a post-processing is ordered. It can be used in any development process. Every part of the process can be deliberated as an activity and described using the ETVX model.
A customer meeting, users and developers are organized to schedule a plan. Customer writes user stories on the mandatory story cards about software. These user story cards consist of short name, story priority and one or two paragraphs of text without technical information. The user's story must be sufficiently detailed help developers understand the system requirements and also when making estimates. Estimation of time means the time required implements a story.
If a story requires a longer execution time story that can be turned into a small story of customer. Architecture is made for architectural modeling during architectural peaks to contemplate different substitute solution. The metaphor is not a complete architecture, but one plot with the essence and their interfaces. Exploration, the stage can last from a few weeks to a few months. On the other hand Kent Beck showed that at the end of the exploratory phase sufficient material must be collected from user stories provide a good start for the first product release and developer must have determination in the cost and time appraisal of tasks that must be performed.