Purpose of Socialization

Socialization is what we experience in our lives, and sometimes we go through it more than once, depending on the circumstances in which you can live. Divorce itself is not a bad thing. We need to know how we can become a member of society and we need to know what is right and wrong in life.
Socialization is the process by which a person learns to be a member of a group, community or society. Its purpose is to include new members in social groups, but it also serves the double purpose of remake of groups in which people belong. Without socialization, we can not have a society because there is no process in which the standards, values, ideas and habits that make up the society can move.
Despite the inculcation of values ​​is important in the process of social inclusion, we must also remember that social value is not absorbed equally by members of an organization or group. The integrative function of socialization is not equally beneficial to everyone. There is always the question of which values ​​should be inculcated? This question is particularly important in an increasingly globalized society. Hence the ideological role of socialization in the problem of the power, control, domination and conflicts is essential.
The purpose of socialization can be remarkable from the company to the company. However, there are some key objectives discussed below.
·        The main purpose of any organization is to make new employees enthusiasm as much as possible. This is why detailed job information is provided at the first stage itself.
·        It is through socialization that we will learn what a group or a particular situation is expected of us.
·        In fact, socialization is a process that serves to preserve social order by keeping us in line with expectations. It is a way of social control.
·        The staff should have a good understanding of organizational limitations and policies for smooth and continuous operation. Therefore, all functions of the company must be made in accordance with the rules and policies.
·        Although this information is clear during the recruitment process, this assessment is needed during the socialization process. Employees will have some interest in knowing the benefits offered by the company.
·        Organizational culture influences the entire pattern of work of each company. These include everything from the way they dress in the way they behave to other employees. Therefore, a cultural glance should be taken care of during socialization.
·        During Socialization, the importance of working as a leader is emphasized to add value to the organization. Leadership capacity is assessed in the initial stage of selection and training.
·        Facilitating change is a huge challenge for employees at all levels of the organization. Employees must have the ability to change or deal with changes to survive in their respective jobs. Socialization helps them prepare for change by continuously developing and training their skills.
In terms of individuals, the purpose of socialization is to equip him with the basic values, customs, practices, etc., so that they behave properly and to act in the social group to which they belong. Socialization also has the following specific objectives :
For basic discipline by restraining a child or even an adult instant gratification to inculcate; A child who is potty trained slow relieve himself / herself until the right environment is created.
·        To instill ideals;
·        To learn social roles;
·        To learn skills;
·        To teach conformity to standards; and
·        Create acceptable and constructive personal identity.