Role conflict and its types

The term role conflict refers to a quarrel between two or more functions of a person or incompatible
functions within the same role. Incompatibilities can consist of different expectations, requirements, convictions and / or attitudes. The roll paper depends on the theatrical metaphor of an actor who plays his part in a phased performance. Although stage actors generally only play one character each, the same actor will continue to play multiple characters throughout his career, and different actors often perform the same from paper in different ways. In contrast to active theater, people perform many tasks simultaneously in daily life. For example, Jane is a boss, an employee, a daughter, a mother, and so on. Often these functions are made simultaneously and harmoniously. Jane's role as the main caretaker of her family is unlikely to conflict with her role as a supervisor at work. However, various tasks are not compatible, and the requirements of a role can be fulfilled with others. Moreover, conflicting requirements within the same document can cause a paper conflict.
There are two types of role conflict: intra-role conflict, referring to incompatible requirements within the same role, and inter-role conflict, referring to clashing expectations from separate roles within the same person. Many states are associated with multiple roles. The various duties associated with a single state called the role set. Sometimes there are conflicts paper, which means that the conflicting role of each other. This role conflicts can inter-roller, that is, conflicts between two or more rollers. There are also intra-role conflicts, ie conflicts that occur when a person feels tribe and shortcomings in fulfilling a particular role or if there is a gap between what people do and what to expect a group of her. Intra-role conflict might also called roller strain. In other words, there is a collision between the ideal function, which anyone is theoretically expected and actually bring paper, a person accomplishes according to his level of understanding, skills and personality.