Communication Technology

Technology has become a part of everyday social function, is rapidly changing and creates good mobility. Employees are shifting to a constantly connected lifestyle, a situation where communication technology seems to be everywhere. Communication technology can be broadly defined as tools, equipment, processes and equipment that provide the necessary environment for physical infrastructure and services for the development, transmission, processing, storage and distribution of information in all forms, including speech, text, images and videos. Communication technology has a role in the development of every country.
·        Communication technology implies the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to exchange word or word information.
·        Processing information in terms of access to information, reading and sending information via a medium.
·        Communication technology is the electronic system that is used for communication between individuals or groups.
·        Promotion of e-learning and use of e-learning materials.
·        Establish structures for effective implementation of communication technology technologies
·        Establish mechanisms and procedures for identifying priority sectorial applications.