Concept of Social Process

As members of an association of different companies interact, various social processes that take place. Because there are processes in the natural world, the social process is bound to put on the life of organized society. The social system, the social processes necessary for life, life and proper functioning of the system. Sociologists are interested in the study and analysis of repetitive forms or patterns of behavior, action and reaction.
Meaning: activities, actions and operations with interactions between people. This structured element serves as a broad placeholder for all social processes. All subcategories currently emphasize driving to trade in an endowment.
The term social process describes changes that take place in society over time. Although many of these processes have been identified, the processes of cooperation, competition and conflict are three most common and stable within a society. These three processes, defined together with the others, are seen as interactions between individuals within a society.
The concept of the social process refers to some of the general and repetitive forms that society can use. Relationships or mutual activities are the essence of social life. Interaction between individuals and groups takes place in the form of social processes. Social processes refer to forms of social interaction that occur time and time again. Social processes are certainly persistent, constantly forming patterns in the social systems that occur as individuals, groups, organizations or countries interact. They pattern of interaction or modes, from among the members (individuals) within a society or group specific repetitive elements in both micro and macro levels. They help us interpret and understand our social behavior.

Social processes are the ways in which individuals and groups interact, adapt and change, and create relationships and behavioral patterns that are renewed by social relationships.