Characteristics of Competency based Teacher Education

Program-based programs are often focused on the truth; Students spend a lot of time in schools that participate with children, and many of their skills are examined in that environment. The features described here can also be found separately from other teaching techniques, but the integration of these features into a systematic process makes this unique approach.
·        It measures learning instead of time.
·        Growth is measured by demonstrating their ability, which means that they prove that they have mastered the knowledge and skills.
·        Use the power of technology to teach and learn.
·        The learning-based ability allows teachers to focus on gaining skills and knowledge and learning at their own pace.
·        Provides standards for measuring employee performance and capabilities.
·        This is achieved through the development of accurate and reliable assessments.
·        The skills-based model is aimed at students and works in a natural way with independent learning and instructors about the role of the facilitator.
·        It has established the relationship between the specified skills and the teachers to be demonstrated and the desired changes in the behavior of their students have not yet been established.
·        To become aware of all aspects of CBTE.
·        In a skill-based program, the criteria for achieving goals are kept constant and time varies, while in a traditional program, the time is constant and the performance differs.
·        The clearly formulated purpose is used to identify the competences that the student should obtain.