Characteristics of Research in Education

·     It is controlled. In real life for an outcome
 there could be many affecting factors. In a study 
of cause and effect relationships one has to link 
effects with causes and causes with effects.
·     Establishment of this linkage is impossible unless
 it is a laboratory test. Therefore instead of
 controlling external factors we have to quantify 
the impact of such factors.
·     It is rigorous. Procedures followed to find 
answers to a problem must be relevant, appropriate 
and justifiable. Researcher needs to be very 
careful about this.
·     It is systematic. Procedures adopted for a
 research should follow a logical sequence. 
Some procedures must follow others.
·     It should be valid and verifiable. Your 
research conclusion based on findings should 
be correct and can be verified by you as well as others.
·     It is empirical. The conclusions of the research should be based on evidence gathered from information collected from real life experiences/ observations
·     It is critical. Research procedures and methods applied should withstand critical analysis. They must be foolproof and free from drawbacks
·     Research gathers new knowledge or data from primary or firsthand sources. It is not research when one simply restates or reorganizes what is already known or what has been written.
·     Research is expert, systematic and accurate investigation. The researcher tries to secure an expertise before undertaking any investigations.
·     Research is patient and unhurried. The researcher is willing to make pains taking effort. He works patiently towards sound conclusions. He realizes the significant findings don’t come as result of hurried and careless procedures.
·     Research requires courage. The researcher is not afraid of unpleasant consequences of his findings. He has the guts to seek and record the truth. He is willing to follow his procedures to conclusions that may be unpopular and brings social disapprovals. 
·     Research places emphasis on discovery of general principles and scientific generalization that can be applied to the solution to the wide range of the problems.