Management of change projects

Management is a structured approach to transfer individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired future state to fulfill or implement a vision and strategy. It is an organizational process that aims to enable employees to accept and embrace changes in their current environment.
The change initiatives are increasingly organized as projects and projects are more closely related to the elements of change. Project managers say changes agents, and the effective management of such changes is recognized as a factor contributing to the success of the project.
Changes to the project are inevitable. It's the only thing we can be sure of a project, there will be change. It's how we change and requests for changes to govern failed the difference between a successful project.
One of the key factors for a successful project is well managed change.
When managing your project, it is important to have in place a process for managing changes to the project. They happen, so you might as well to manage them properly, and thus have more chance of success of your project.
1. Ensure that all involved what the change. May not be too heavy, perhaps only an e-mail requesting the change can be enough.
2. Ensure that the change is real - this is related to the project.
3. Define then have the effect of variations of the project. Think forces to Triple: time, cost, scope, Quality, Resources.
4. The decision on whether to accept or reject the change is often not the Project Manager. Make sure the person on the project (customers, sponsors) owner is the one who makes the decisions - with your help and advice, of course.
5. If the decision is to accept the change, then it is your job as a project to record the changes in the project management and change.