Trends in Comparative Education

·        Trends in the past
According to the data collected from the journals published during the period 1975-85 the comparison was carried out between industrial and non industrial countries of that era.
The major focus for comparison was on
1.     Moral values in education.
2.     Guidance and counseling.
3.     State of education and school system.
4.     Higher education and national goals of education etc.
  The researches which were carried out during the same era  (1975-85) covered the areas for comparison like
a)     Economics of education
b)    Teacher education
c)     Education planning and policy(EPP)
d)    Curriculum and educational statics'.
e)     Pre –education and higher education.
f)      Non-formal and adult education.
g)     Human development .etc
  The trends and interests vary from region to region in the past e.g
1.      Japanese , Indian and Korean emphasized on geographical, cultural or ideological bases for comparison.
2.     Japanese  also focused on moral education  especially with comparison to China
3.     South  America focused on education planning and management.
4.     Eastern Europe with common political ideology had the mutual study of the various educational systems for harmonization among the systems.
5.     Australia focused on Asia especially Japan China and India for the interests of these countries in education.
6.     China developed great interest in more industrialized countries both in east and west of the world
7.     In the underdeveloped countries, particularly in the African and Latin American regions, the main focus was on adult education and human development along with.