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Planning the observation in Educational Research

Planning the observation in Educational Research

This research method requires the investigator to take precautions in terms of what was collected in the observation. Research observation does not just refer to the questions the researchers are looking for; it is also relevant to the environment and context in which research is occurring. The use of observation method requires proper planning. These are followings:
v The researcher should carefully examine the relevance of observation method to the data need of selected study.
v He must identify the specific investigative questions which call for use of observation method. These determine the data to be collected.
v He must decide the observation content, viz., specific conditions, events and activities that have to be observed for the required data.
v The observation setting, the subjects to be observed, the timing and mode of observation, recording procedure, recording instruments to be used, and other details of the task should be determined.
v Observation should be selected and trained. The persons to be selected must have sufficient concentration powers, strong memory power and unassuming nature. Selected persons should be imparted both theoretical and practical training.

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