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Significance of Literature Review in Educational Research

Significance of Literature Review in Educational Research

      The literature overview refers to concepts and rules regarding the research.
      The literature overview helps to identify what is known and unknown; to discover spaces, hypocrisy or inconsistencies and to show unanswered questions about a topic, concept or problem and theory.
      It makes refining research questions and theories possible.
      Literature research shows the strengths and weaknesses of the designs and methods of earlier studies.
      Literature research is used to discuss the results or findings of an investigation. The discussion relates to the findings of the study about what can and cannot be found in literature research.
      The general purpose of research in literature is to discover knowledge.
      Specifies an appropriate design / method design (instrument, data collection and study methods) for answering the research question.
      Determines the need for replication of a well-designed study or refinement of a study.
      Determines what is known about a topic, concept or problem. Specifies spaces, inconsistencies and inconsistencies about a subject, concept or problem.
      Discover missed questions about a topic, concept or problem.
      Discover the traditional traditions used to investigate problems.
      Displays a new training intervention or receives support for changing training intervention.
      Describes the strengths and weaknesses of the designs, methods of research and tools used in previous works.
      Clarify what has been identified.
      Identify spaces in current knowledge.
      Demonstrate effective research methods.
      Provide insight into the cause of the inconsistency of results.
      Provides context for interpretation of results.
      Instructors are valid and reliable instruments.

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