Hay Day

Raise the cuddly cartoon and grow the crops in good farming sims
You know, I always wonder, many people who enjoy playing farm sims enjoy real farm work? Perhaps not everyone is as eager to get up at dawn to milk the cows and work the fields, but those are video games like Hay Day. And on Hay Day, you will be treated to one of the most beautiful agricultural sims to date.
The backstory is simple: you have left on a large farm. You make animals like chicken, cows, and sheep, and you talk about and harvest crops like wheat and corn. You also need to juggle the countless tasks required to maintain a Class A. farm. You need to feed your bugs, and your snare needs to be painted, for example. Occasionally, visitors to the city or other farms come down and offer you activities or money for your wares, such as eggs or bread.
The biggest strength I noticed was the graphics. Rich, beautifully detailed, with landscapes and zoom and pan, Hay Day's presentation is quite cinematic for a mobile game. That is eye candy. The controls are smooth, unobtrusive, and use the iPhone's touchscreen. For example, tap a piece of land and slide your finger across the field to collect the growing crops. You use the same gesture control to manage the safe products your animals will provide, such as wool or milk. You can also visit your friends' farms on Facebook.

FarmVille and its ilk

The replay value comes in the form of performance. Just click on your house to see all the achievements you've locked up to date: collect hundreds of eggs for Egghead, for example, or get a lot of milk from your cows for Got Milk? When it comes to item collection, you have to wait in real-time for your farm products to be ready to collect and sell. It may take a few minutes for the wheat to grow or half an hour for the cows to produce milk. You can speed up the process by using diamonds, where you have a limited amount, but where you can get more in the game.
Nobody complains about it, except that everyone feels familiar. With FarmVille and its partners, social farming has been pushing their throats for years, and Hay Day has not introduced any other revolutionaries to revive or re-think the genre. It's also annoying "Now, let's consolidate the eggs." "Let's make a constant now." Not a complaint about this appropriate game is necessary, but a complaint about many sims in general. Games can jump to directions by introducing difficulties that players may have to recognize before adding a new gameplay element or technique.
A unique feature is the element of trading with players. Real people can place newspaper ads to sell their goods to other players. It's a Neopets-like system that connects players and their stores, adding a social element to the game otherwise. There are also computer characters who come to your farm regularly and want to buy or sell goods.

Green fingers

You will start with little more than a slippery slope and a talkative scarecrow for an assistant. After walking the base, you are primarily left to your own devices as you try to build your business.
With only a few crops to choose from, and not many places to grow them, things start to go quiet, but as your farming career thrives, you will interact with the animals, take care of lots of feeds, and you're trying to stock up as much as possible for people to sell possible.
Everything grows on its own, from eggs to carrots, though you can speed things up with the liberal application of diamonds, which you can buy for real money in the game store.
Factory farming
Every action you take - whether you cut down trees to make room for your expansion, baking
Hay  Day
bread in the oven, or selling items to customers who walk by - will give you stars. These are usually XP, and each time you level up you get new crops, buildings and products to play with.
There is also a social aspect to the game because you can add friends on Facebook to trade with them and visit their farms to see how your competition is doing.
The real appeal to gardening is the enjoyment of a job well done, and that's something Hay Day has managed to capture. Watching your crops grow and spit out products from your two factories is a quiet experience.
If you are strong against freemium farming sims it will not change your mind. But if you feel like relaxing in the field for a few minutes a day, you can do worse than that.

Game experience: Extremely addictive - know your limits.

The Supercell team understood what Jobs meant. The overall Hay Day gaming experience is hugely entertaining, easy to use, and, most of all, fun. The storytelling and the whole atmosphere are well-rounded, and the tutorial section leads the player away from the game mode. When the player put into game mode, the player stays multiple hours this time I felt that while playing Supercell's Clerc of Clans.
I realized why Hay Day is so addictive and why it regularly generates sales to Supercell. Let us examine the reasons in more detail.
The main loop runs like a Swiss clock.
The well-designed core loop rewards the player for being active and promises progress for each repeated session. The main Hay Day loop appears to consist of four different main actions:
1. Planting and harvesting crops, you get experience points (XP) and ingredients for making and feeding animals.
2. Collecting resources, you will gain experience points.
3. Selling raw materials, you earn experience points and coins (soft money).
4. Buying new labor equipment, you use coins and time but gain experience points.
Remember when I reviewed the Clash of Clans? The key indicators that Supercell tracks have retention rates are 1, 7, and 30 days. Therefore, players do not lose interest quickly: all episodes of Hay Day are heavily reviewed and optimized.It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, middle class, or an elite player.
Retention: something for all player types
Retention rate measures how effective you are at ensuring that players return to your game. For example, what percentage of players who played your game on Day 1 were still playing on Day 2
• The Tutorial stage of the game very well designed. The teaching phase is significant. If the Player does not continue to play the game because it is too complicated, the game may be deleted or forgotten. During the Hay Day Coaching phase, the novice learned how to play Hay Day efficiently and adequately.
• Player is busy and has passed the test at Starbucks. No matter if you have a 30 second or 30 minute game session, there is always something fun to do. Smaller and larger performances are regularly achieved. There aren't many idle periods in the game.
• Messages on the iPad lock screen invite the Player to rejoin the game. Lock messages on the screen, such as "Milk ready to collect," will continue to appear once you leave your iPad for a few hours. No money is spent unless the game is played.
• Temporary offers. Hay Day newspaper sales and offer counters can accelerate your game development. You want to go back and recheck the newspaper.
• Event board. Guest bonus: guests will only pay double price temporarily. Again, you want to come back and see if there are any visitors.
• Timers for in-game production. The Player keeps coming back time and time again to see how well their mini-tasks are progressing (e.g. milk is ready to be collected).
• Unlock items in several levels. The Player wonders about the locked things in front of him. It's great to have sticky features for different types of players. Examine the explorer and achieve the Bartle test and rethink the purpose of the locked items to some degree.
Monetization: it’s not just milking cash cows
The principles of game monetization design seem to work well, as well as game loop design and core evaluation tracking. However, it can be better :-) For example, there is a lack of social aspects of some aspects for generating income (see the next chapter for suggested improvements). Also, the topic itself (agriculture with pigs and cattle) may prevent some players from starting the game. Pigs and animals have a different meaning to Muslims and Hindus than to Christians. Despite these facts, Hay Day generates excellent revenue: estimated daily taxes ranging from USD 185,000 to approximately USD 2 million, according to Think Gaming and analyst Tero Kuittinen. [4, 6]
The following elements seem to work well:
• Dual money mechanism; soft money (coins) and hard money (diamonds). Diamonds and coins can both have bought for real money.
• User spending is optimized: players always have something to buy, but for "whales" (high costs), they are more likely to be purchased.
• Player Progress - System Leveling: Supercell level systems provide revenue generation. Performance has well reported.
• Fill out warehouses unless you use diamonds or spend time resources to expand storage spaces.
• Spend time on core loop activities, unless you re-use diamonds to accelerate development. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time in the game.
Hay Day also has some monetization features missing from the Clash of Clans (CoC), such as a sales banner that counts hours of sales in minutes and world trade with friends.
Social aspect: how to generate even more buzz?
Many discussions do not need to use real money because Google is full of Hay Day cheats. The "Hay Day cheats" statement generated more than 14.1 million Google search results in early June 2014, as the number of search results for the same sentence in January 2014 was "Hay Day cheats" 6.6 million. So the players stand out more than ever before. The other thing is that some of these "cheats" have a purpose. Just let players play and talk about Hay Day.
Compared to the Clash of Clans (CoC), Hay Day seems to lack some of the following aspects of society that can increase revenue generation faster. Note: Some of the following features have added to the final versions of the Hay Day release. This blog post has based on the Hay Day version of 1.15.34:
• The social aspect of Hay Day does not lead to the addition of friends and CoC
• The role of adding friends ("helpers") remains open to newcomers: why should I add friends? What do I get here?
• The main message why a player should add friends has hidden under a single smile face icon (click the smiley face icon in a field next to the farm name to see the main message ). Why isn't the central message displayed after clicking the "Add friends" button? At least until the player has added friends, it will show.
• Missing Global Chat Failure (CoC vs.): I noticed the neighborhood chat feature has added in the later version of Hay Day, which is a significant improvement.
• In CoC, players can unite to form an elite. Why can't players join Hay Day to produce 'agricultural production' mass production? Farmers' organizations can compete against each other, and individual players can get incentives to unite.

Information for This game

App Name
Hay Day
1_46_149 (2020.03.30)
App size
124.01 MB
Minimum Requirement
Android 4.0+
Last Updated
March 30, 2020
Works On
Android + ios 
Age restriction
For all ages

Game not running
If you are having trouble running the game, we have some useful tips that improve stability and performance. Please try the following:
1. Get sure you download Hay Day from the Google Play Store; differently, we cannot confirm that it will operate as it should.
2. Free device memory by closing unnecessary apps in the background. To do this, go to Settings> Apps or Manage apps and then tap the app you want to close by pressing 'Force Stop' or 'Stop.'
3. Storage of memory by removing apps you no longer need. You can do this by going to Settings> Apps or Manage apps and then tapping the app (s) you want to uninstall by pressing 'Uninstall.'
4. Construct sure your transcription of Android is up-to-date by entering Settings> About and then correcting for software updates.


Please also note that Hay Day ** requires at least ** of the following specifications:
- 0.5 GB RAM (1 GB or more suggested)
- Android OS 4.1 or better
- An 800 x 480 screen resolution
Overall, this game is a gem and a bargain available for free on the App Store. If you are a fan of simulation games, Hay Day is visually appealing, and your inner farmer will remain dizzy for hours.
Sometimes these specifications alone are not enough to enjoy Hay Day. Some devices will work differently and, unfortunately, are not designed to run the game. We strive to make our games as compatible with as many devices as possible, so when you get a device, make sure it's ready for the field.


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