Living and Non Living Thing Worksheet



Many things surround us, ranging from mountains and oceans to animals and plants. The earth on which we live is composed of a variety of elements. These "things" are divided into two categories: living things and non-living things.

    ·         All living things have senses, breathe, eat, grow, move, and reproduce.

    ·         Non-living things don't really consume food, grow, breathe, reproduce, or move. They have no senses.

Living Things

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Cells are the basic functional unit of such living creature. One of the most important characteristics of living things is that they go through metabolic processes. Living beings can generate new life of their own species through its act of reproduction. Cellular respiration is a process by which living creatures obtain energy, which cells then use to carry out their functions. They eat to obtain energy and to remove wastage from their bodies. Living things include humans, insects, birds, and animals.

Non-living things

Non-living things don’t have a life. They have existed on Earth since the beginning of time. They are incapable of eating, breathing, living, growing, reproducing, or dying. They remain in their natural state. They do, however, degrade from their pure source over the process of evolution. They cannot, however, die and cease to exist on Universe. Unlike living things, who’s survival dependent on a variety of factor. Non-living things do not rely on such processes.