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Multiple choice questions:           
            1)    First electronic computer was introduced in -------------------.
a)       1840s            b)    1842s
              c)    1940s           d)     1950s
       2)   The ABACUS machine aid is used for -------------------.
               a)     Counting and making quick graphics
               b)     Counting and making quick calculations.
               c)      Counting and making quick graphs.
               d)     Counting and making slow calculation.
      3)    When Vacuum Tubes were introduced in -------------------?
                a)     1940 – 1940            b)     1943 – 1964
                c)     1943 – 1957            d)      1943 – 1956
       4)   The third generation of electronic computer systems starts from -------------------.  
                 a)    1963 – 1970           b)    1963 – 1971
                 c)    1965 – 1971           d)    1965 – 1972
       5)   ENIAC stands for -------------------.
                 a)     Engineering numerical integrator and calculator.
                 b)     Electronic numerical integrator and counting.
                 c)     Electronic numerical integrator and calculator.
                 d)     Electronic numerical internet and calculation.
         6)   Which computer is formed in 1976 -------------------?
                 a)     Microcomputers         b)    Apple computer
                 c)     Digital computer         d)    a and b
         7)   Microcomputers in education are introduced -------------------.
                 a)     1970s       b)    1980s
                 c)     1971s       d)    1973s
         8)    The memory of integrated circuits is up to 3 million -------------------.
                 a)     Kilo bytes            b)    Giga bytes
                 c)     Mega bytes        d)     Bytes
          9)    A micro cassette is often used as a -------------------.
                 a)     Tape recorder       b)     Video recorder
                 c)     Voice recorder      d)    Magnetic tape   
         10)  ------------------- is attractive to administrators for several reasons.
                a)     TV              b)    IV              
  c)     DVD           d)    VCR
         11)  Lumsdaine has suggested ------------------- types of educational technology.
                a)     Two          b)     Four       
    c)     Three         d)    Six
          12)  Tape recorder works by running a tape coated with a type of -------------------.
                a)     Coaxial    b)     Fiber-optic    
 c)     A and B    d)     Iron oxide
          13)  Television signals were transmitted exclusively via land based -------------------.
                a)     Transmitters     b)    Transformer
                c)     Transistor          d)      All above
          14)   Reprography is a process of digital coping for instance on -------------------.
                a)     DVDs and IV       b)      DVDs and CDs
                c)     CDs cassettes     d)      None
           15)  Which is the kind of bulletin boards -------------------?
            a)     Chalk board           b)    Pin boards
            c)     Magnetic boards   d)     All above
           16)   ------------------- was the developer of Mosaic.
            a)    M.D Roblyer     b)    Mare Andreessen
            c)    Paul saettler     d)   Lumsdaine
          17)   Electronic numerical integrator and calculators the first electronic -------------------.
           a) Micro computer        b) Analog computer
           c) Digital computer       d) Mini computer
        18) Which is the component of educational technology -------------------?
         a) Methods of learning         b) Environments
         c) Objectives for learners    d) All above
       19) ------------------- is also referred to reprographics.
         a) Painting                 b) Rewriting
         c) Reproprinting       d)   Television
        20) ------------------- was introduced in second generation.
         a)    Micro computers                b) Vacuum tubes
         c)    Integrated circuits              d) Transistor
       21)  In education, multimedia is used to produce ------------------- course.
         a) Teacher – based training     b) Computer- based training
         c) Learning- based training       d) Educational – based training
     22)   Blaise Pascal invented -----------------------.
         a)    Abacus                           b) Punch cards
         c)   Mechanical calculator  d) Vacuum tube
    23)    WWW stands for -------------------.
         a) Whole World Web   b) World Wide Web
         c)  Web World Wide    d)   Web Wiled Web
    24)   IBM unveils first pc in -------------------.
         a)     1980s        b) 1983s
         c)     1979s        d) 1981s
    25)   Internet introduced in ------------------------.
         a)  1996s       b) 1986s
         c)  1990s       d) 1982s

1)          C
2)            B
3)            D
4)            C
5)            C
6)            B
7)            A
8)            D
9)            C
10)         B
11)         C
12)         D
13)         A
14)          B
15)          D
16)          B
17)          C
18)          D
19)          C
20)          D
21)         B
22)         C
23)         B
24)         D
25)         C

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