How can you use Apple Music in Adobe Premiere Pro (CC)?

 As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Adobe Premiere Pro does not have a direct integration with Apple Music. However, you can still use Apple Music tracks in your Premiere Pro projects by following these general steps:

1.      Open Apple Music on your computer and find the song or audio track you want to use in your Premiere Pro project.

2.      Use a third-party screen recording software to capture the audio playback from Apple Music. Start the screen recording and play the desired song or audio track in Apple Music.

3.      Once you have captured the audio, save the screen recording as a video file on your computer.

4.      Open Adobe Premiere Pro and create a new project or open an existing project.

5.      Import the screen recording video file into your Premiere Pro project by going to File > Import and selecting the file from your computer.

6.      Drag the screen recording video file from the Project panel to the timeline in Premiere Pro.

7.      Right-click on the video file in the timeline and select "Unlink" to separate the audio from the video.

8.      Delete the video portion of the screen recording, leaving only the audio track in the timeline.

9.      If needed, trim or edit the audio track to the desired length and make any necessary adjustments to the volume or effects.

10.  Optionally, you can also add additional visual elements, such as images, video clips, or graphics, to accompany the audio track in your Premiere Pro project.

11.  Once you have finished editing, export your project into the desired video format.

Please note that using Apple Music tracks in your projects without proper authorization or licensing may infringe upon copyright laws. It is essential to obtain the necessary permissions or licenses for any copyrighted material you use in your video projects to avoid any legal issues.