IN A HINDU TEMPLE (Comprehension )


Passepartout, having purchased the articles for his master, took a ide through the city of Bombay, but unfortunately his curiosity led him further than it was wise to go. It happend to be the day of one of the Parsee festivals, and after wandering about for some time he turned his steps towards a pretty hill-suburb.

As he neared the wonderful pagoda on Malabar Hill it occurred to him he would like to see the interior.

On two points he was quite ignorant; first, that there are certain Hindu temples which Christians are not permitted to enter; and secondly, that even Hindus are not allowed entrance without first leaving their shoes at the door.

Passepartout went in like a simple tourist, and was soon lost in admiration of the gorgeous ornamentation which everywhere met his eyes. Suddently he found himself sprawling on the floor of the sacred building, for three priests, with fury in their looks, rushed upon him, tore off his shoes and stockings, and began to beat him. But the agile Frenchman was soon on his feet again, and lost no time in knocking down two of his adversaries with a couple of well- directed blows; then, rushing out of the pagoda as fast as his legs could carry him, he soon outdistanced the third priest, who had followed him, and mingling with the crowd in the streets he thus escaped.   (Round the World in Eighty Days-Jules Verne)

1. What did Passepartout do after making his purchases?

Ans: After making his purchases for his master, Passepartout took a ride through the city of Bombay.

2. What was being held in the city that day?

Ans: There was a Parsee festival being held in the city that day.

3. What did Passepartout want to do when he got near the pagoda?

Ans: When Passepartout got near the pagoda, he wanted to see the interior of it.

4. What are people expected to do before entering a Hindu temple?

Ans: People are expected to leave their shoes at the door before entering a Hindu temple.

5. Why was Passepartout lost in admiration after entering the temple?

Ans: Passepartout was lost in admiration after entering the temple due to the gorgeous ornamentation that met his eyes everywhere.

6. Who attacked Passepartout as he was looking round?

Ans: Three priests attacked Passepartout as he was looking around the temple.

7. What did they do to his shoes and stockings?

Ans: They tore off Passepartout's shoes and stockings.

8. What did Passepartout do immediately after getting to his feet again?

Ans: After getting to his feet again, Passepartout knocked down two of his adversaries with well-directed blows.

9. How many priests pursued Passepartout?

Ans: Three priests pursued Passepartout.

10. How did he manage to escape?

Ans: Passepartout managed to escape by rushing out of the pagoda, outdistancing the third priest, and mingling with the crowd in the streets.