Cheapest ways to stay connected abroad

Staying connected abroad can be expensive, especially if you're not careful. Roaming charges can be exorbitant, and even public Wi-Fi networks can be unreliable or insecure. But there are a number of ways to stay connected abroad without breaking the bank.

Check with your mobile carrier

Some mobile carriers offer international roaming plans or daily passes that can be a good value, depending on your needs. For example, T-Mobile offers free roaming in over 210 countries and territories, while AT&T and Verizon charge $10 per day for roaming in most countries.

2. Use an eSIM

An eSIM is a digital SIM card that can be programmed directly into your phone. This makes it easy to switch to a local mobile carrier when you're traveling abroad. There are a number of eSIM providers that offer affordable international data plans.

3. Buy a local SIM card

If you're staying in a country for more than a few days, it's often worth buying a local SIM card. This will usually give you much more data for your money than you'll get on an international roaming plan. You can buy SIM cards at most airports, convenience stores, and mobile phone shops.

4. Use public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks are a great way to stay connected abroad for free. However, it's important to be aware of the security risks associated with using public Wi-Fi. Avoid logging into sensitive accounts, such as your bank account or email, when using public Wi-Fi.

5. Rent a portable hotspot

If you need to stay connected while you're on the go, consider renting a portable hotspot. Portable hotspots create a Wi-Fi network that you can connect your devices to. This is a good option if you're traveling with a group of people or if you need to stay connected in areas where public Wi-Fi is not available.

6. Use a global SIM card

Global SIM cards work in multiple countries, so you don't have to buy a new SIM card every time you travel. However, global SIM cards can be more expensive than local SIM cards.

7. Use satellite internet

Satellite internet is a good option for people who need to stay connected in remote areas where there is no cellular or Wi-Fi service. However, satellite internet can be very expensive and slow.

Here are some additional tips for staying connected abroad on a budget:

·         Turn off roaming data when you're not using it. This will prevent your phone from connecting to international cellular networks and incurring roaming charges.

·         Use Wi-Fi calling and texting whenever possible. This will allow you to make and receive calls and texts over Wi-Fi, even if you don't have cellular service.

·         Use data-saving apps to reduce your data usage. There are a number of apps available that can help you save data on your phone, such as Opera Max and Data Saver.

·         Avoid streaming video and music while you're abroad. Streaming video and music can use a lot of data, so it's best to avoid it if you're trying to save money.

·         Download maps and other resources before you leave. This will allow you to access these resources without using data while you're abroad.

·         Let your friends and family know. how you plan to stay connected while you're abroad. This will help them reach you if they need to.

·         Keep your phone charged. This is especially important if you're going to be relying on your phone for navigation or other important tasks.

·         Be aware of your surroundings when you're using your phone in public. Avoid using your phone in crowded areas or in areas where there is a high risk of pickpocketing.

·         Be respectful of local customs. For example, avoid using your phone in religious sites or in areas where it is not considered appropriate.

Staying connected abroad can be easy and affordable by following the tips above. With a little planning, you can stay in touch with your loved ones and enjoy your trip without worrying about your phone bill.


There are a number of ways to stay connected abroad without breaking the bank. By following the tips above, you can save money on roaming charges and stay connected with your friends and family while you're traveling.