Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse 2023 on October 14: Where to Watch and What to Know


On October 14, 2023, the world will witness a ring of fire solar eclipse. This celestial event occurs when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, but is not quite close enough to completely block it out. As a result, a thin ring of sunlight remains visible around the Moon, creating a stunning visual display.

This year's ring of fire solar eclipse will be visible from a narrow path across North and South America. The path of totality will begin in Oregon and end in Brazil, passing through eight US states, Mexico, and Central America along the way. A partial eclipse will be visible from the rest of North and South America.

Path of Totality

Here are the timings of the eclipse in different locations:


Time of totality

Madras, Oregon

9:13 AM PDT

Bend, Oregon

9:21 AM PDT

Burns, Oregon

9:40 AM PDT

Ontario, Oregon

9:59 AM PDT

Denio, Nevada

10:18 AM PDT

McDermitt, Nevada

10:35 AM PDT

Bruneau, Idaho

10:48 AM PDT

Parma, Idaho

11:01 AM PDT

Mountain City, Utah

11:15 AM MDT

Richfield, Utah

11:36 AM MDT

Blanding, Utah

11:56 AM MDT

Kayenta, Arizona

12:18 PM MDT

Window Rock, Arizona

12:35 PM MDT

Gallup, New Mexico

12:46 PM MDT

Grants, New Mexico

1:03 PM MDT

Socorro, New Mexico

1:19 PM MDT

Abilene, Texas

1:35 PM CDT

Brownwood, Texas

1:50 PM CDT

Lufkin, Texas

2:03 PM CDT

TorreĆ³n, Mexico

2:16 PM CST

Zacatecas, Mexico

2:44 PM CST

Guadalajara, Mexico

3:03 PM CST

Belize City, Belize

3:19 PM CST

Guatemala City, Guatemala

3:34 PM CST

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

3:49 PM CST

Cartagena, Colombia

4:06 PM COT

San Juan, Puerto Rico

5:19 PM AST

Fortaleza, Brazil

6:39 PM BRT

Please note that these are just approximate timings. The exact time of the eclipse will vary depending on your location.

Tips for watching the ring of fire solar eclipse

·         Find a safe location to watch the eclipse. Avoid areas with heavy traffic or where there is a risk of falling objects.

·         Use special eclipse glasses or a solar filter to protect your eyes. Never look directly at the Sun, even during an eclipse.

·         Take breaks from viewing the eclipse. Give your eyes a rest every few minutes to avoid eye strain.

·         Enjoy the experience! The ring of fire solar eclipse is a rare and amazing event.

If you are unable to travel to the path of totality, you can still watch the ring of fire solar eclipse online. There will be a number of live streams available, including one from NASA.