Elements of Total Quality Management

Ethics (Ethics is the discipline concerned with good and bad in any situation)
Integrity (Integrity implies honesty, morals, values, fairness, and adherence to the facts and sincerity)
Trust (Trust is a by-product of integrity and ethical conduct. )
Training (Training is very important for employees to be highly productive. )
Teamwork (To become successful in business, teamwork is also a key element of TQM)
Leadership (Leadership in TQM requires the manager to provide an inspiring vision, make strategic directions that are understood by all and to instill values that guide subordinates)
Recognition (it binds everything together. Starting from foundation to roof of the TQM house, everything is bound by strong mortar of communication)
Communication (Recognition is the last and final element in the entire system. It should be provided for both suggestions and achievements for teams as well as individuals. Employees strive to receive recognition for themselves and their teams)


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